Saturday, September 12, 2009

Storing Water

Recently I had to empty out my 55-gallon water barrels to move them. I use them for emergency water supply in case of a disaster. Now I'm refilling and here are some of the things I have done to help keep the water potable and to stay prepared.

I picked up a motor home or marine water hose at the local hardware store since I've heard that your regular garden hose has chemicals that can affect your water.

I have picked a location before filling them since they are very heavy to move. One can purchase water barrels for around $50 or you might try picking up some old containers used in the manufacture of soft-drinks for about $10.

I'll prepare each container by adding 1/2 cup unscented bleach to the water before storing. Sometimes I have freezing temperatures where I live so I'll only be filling each container about 90% full.

Then hook up the hose and fill the barrels. It is suggested by various authorities to rotate water every 2 years or so, maybe less if you store the water inside. I'll likely filter the water when it comes time to drink it but storage of water at least allows me to have some to use.

Tell me how you store water in the comments.

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