Friday, October 30, 2009

Food Storage Rotation

When I started a couple years ago, my intent was to provide both a resource for people who wanted to prepare themselves but also a place for a web application to help people to rotate their supplies. If you search the Internet for "food storage rotation" specifically, one finds many ideas for rotating food. One resource I found last night is Reading through the list I think two of the major reasons that I wanted to write this software was to account for making sure that rotation happened when necessary and as a side effect of having good data, I would also be able to solve things like estimating a rate of consumption and other data points that might be interesting to my family. I have yet to write the software but now with the primary goals written down maybe I can start getting something off the ground. Drop me a note if you have thoughts or suggestions that might be helpful on managing inventory in a cost-effective and simple way.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another 5 gallons of water

Tonight I stored water in a 5-gallon water container that’s been kicking around our house for the last couple of years.  Because it’s been empty for a while, the container had a musty smell and needed to be cleaned.  Using these instructions as a guideline, I used a mixture of two teaspoons of household bleach with one quart of water to clean.  The container is cube shaped so, after vigorously swishing the container a couple times, I set the container on each of the six sides for five minutes each.  Then I rinsed the container out and filled it with water straight from the tap.  Apparently no extra bleach is needed since the water is already treated with chlorine by the city.

Now that the container is clean, as long as I rotate the water in it every 6 months, I shouldn’t need to clean it again.