Friday, October 30, 2009

Food Storage Rotation

When I started a couple years ago, my intent was to provide both a resource for people who wanted to prepare themselves but also a place for a web application to help people to rotate their supplies. If you search the Internet for "food storage rotation" specifically, one finds many ideas for rotating food. One resource I found last night is Reading through the list I think two of the major reasons that I wanted to write this software was to account for making sure that rotation happened when necessary and as a side effect of having good data, I would also be able to solve things like estimating a rate of consumption and other data points that might be interesting to my family. I have yet to write the software but now with the primary goals written down maybe I can start getting something off the ground. Drop me a note if you have thoughts or suggestions that might be helpful on managing inventory in a cost-effective and simple way.

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